2010 "Plastic-Shuk" , festival, for art and fashion, video art screening of the work "Pupa" & "Recycling", Tel Aviv.
2012 “Side Project”, group exhibition by Indie Gallery, Culture house, Kiryat Tivon.
2012 “Outstanding Graduate Finale Project”, student finale exhibition, WIZO, Haifa.
2012 "First Exposer", group exhibition, Graduates of the WIZO academic center 2012, Okashi Museum, Acre.
2012 "The Tylor-Wessing Photographic prize”, shortlist, The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK.
2012 "Graduates Work 2012", group exhibition, HC Additions Gallery, Hasolelim.
2013 "Barbarian Love", group exhibition, Hamirpeset Gallery, Haifa.
2013 "House Warming", group exhibition, The Second-Wing Gallery, Haifa.
2014 "Melting the Melting Pot", group exhibition, Diaspora museum, Tel-Aviv.
2014 "Upcoming Contemporary Photographers", The International Photography Festival, Rishon-Lezion.
2014 "The Second-Wing Gallery", group exhibition of the Gallery's Artists, "Galilee Paint" Art Fair.
2014 "Artist Greenhouse", "Fresh paint 7" Art Fair, Tel-Aviv. 2015 "Good old Folks", solo exhibition, Hasimta, Haifa.
2015 "Israeli Forest", group exhibition, The Yavne Art workshop, Yavne.
2015 "Connections", group exhibition, " Hasuka" creative space, Haifa.
2015 "Meetings with People", solo exhibition, Teveria 15, Haifa.
2015 “Portraits of Hadar”, group exhibition Hapina, Haifa.
2016 “Draje”, group exhibition, Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa.
2016 “N29-N33”, duo exhibition, Habordel Indie-Gallery, Haifa.
2016 “Meitar – Photografic Prize” shortlist, The International Photography Festival, Jaffa-Tel-aviv.
2016 “Polaris”, photography group exhibition, Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa.
2016 “10 representations of a place”, group exhibition, a place for art, Tel-Aviv.
2016 “Polaris and friends”, group exhibition, the Municipal Gallery, Kfar-saba.
2016 “winter sale” group, gate 3, Haifa.
2016 “Jaffa art print fair “ group, Jaffa gallery, Jaffa.
2017 “A story of Haifa Festival exhibition” group, Gallery of Simon Cohen, Haifa.
2017 “the secret postcard project” fresh paint art fair 9, Tel-Aviv.
2017 “on hot coals” group, the Gordon academic center Gallery, Haifa.
2017 "vaccume" group, Gate 3 gallery, Haifa.
2017 "bread & rosses" group, Kalisher 5, artist workshops, Tel-Aviv.

Collaborations | Productions

2013-2015 member of the "Second-Wing" group Gallery, Haifa.
2013 "Be my Guest" Group Exhibition co-production, The Second Wing Gallery, Haifa.
2014 "C'etait Son Monde”, Solo exhibition by the German photographer Arik Shiman, co-Producer
2015  member of "the Israeli Union of visual artists"
2016 " ZAHER LULU" – curator and producer, group exhibition, gate 3, Haifa.
2017  part of Pyramid artist-studio culture house

Galleries | Collections

"Gate 3" Art Gallery, Haifa.
Private collections in Israel and abroad.