short bio

Poli Blum is an artist
using photography text for story telling\making
f. born in 1980.

she started her photography studies in 1996 and after serval apprenticeship including mask making and performance,
she returned to formal studies and gained her BA in education and photography from the academic center WIZO, Haifa in 2012.

since her studies and during them she has established herself in the city's cultural hub by producing working and taking part in art events. in the years 2013-15 she was in the art collective "the second wing" that operated a group gallery, working space, cinema, bar and dark room. she is currently involved and working with gate 3 gallery in Haifa.
her work with photography is mostly analog
and she considers herself as a "lazy painter".
her work have been exhibited in Israel and abroad.

traveled excessively in Israel learning ecological lifestyle, to sail, build in mud, creating folklor masks and growing vegetables.
since 2008 based in Haifa.


here take the camera moneer i want this moment ! ' what now? ' yes. now!

Poli Blum

in Sinai, Egypt 2016


the name "poli blum" is originally her fathers, who had passed away in 1995 when she was at the age of 15.  she took his name for herself  in memory and respect to her father, wishing she could now carry on his name.